The best drone on the market, now available!

The best drone on the market,
now available!

Monte Bianco Droni has recently renewed its technical equipment and now rent Freefly Alta X, aiming at excellence and investing in quality to meet the needs of major productions in the field of cinematography, documentaries and advertising.

Available for rental with our qualified pilots, we offer the drone Freefly Alta X powered by the professional camera RED KOMODO.

Freefly Alta X
The strongest drone in the world

Quadricopter in carbon fiber, equipped with 4 Brushless motors 130 A.

The batteries of 44.4V, offer a range of up to 50 minutes with normal payload and can ensure 20 minutes with full payload of 16 kg.

High precision GPS

High precision GPS

It is equipped with high-precision GPS for real-time satellite navigation (RTK) and allows the piloting from the ground through a PC, in addition supports several flight modes including:

  • manual flight
  • flight via gps
  • programmed mission
  • orbit mode
  • return to home

The Freefly Alta X is specially designed for use on cinema and documentary sets, being able to equip it with high-level cameras and it can be used for mapping of large territories.

The exclusive propeller mechanism reduces vibration to 1/5th than the other upmarket drones.


The Super 35mm 19.9MP CMOS Global shutter sensor is able to eliminate all distortion in moving images, capturing all pixels at the same time.

It offers 6k 17:9 (6144×3240) max resolution with 16 stops of dynamic range, 120 fps in 2k, RedCode Raw in three available qualities, HQ, MQ, LQ Proress.

Internal stereo audio with uncompressed recording 24 bit at 48 kHz plus external dual channel jack 3.5mm 24 bit at 48 kHz uncompressed.

Noteworthy are its manageability, ensured by a minimal footprint (a cube of four inches side) and its lightness (less than 1 kg).